August 22, 2019

Dance with the wind – A slasher’s road to foreign trade #1


My name is Wang Yin, and the English name is Michelle. I have established a foreign trade company which has not a big size but a long history for 16 years from 2003. Currently, my partner is my brother Bill Wang and my son Richard Zhou.

I might be regarded as an ordinary woman with a wide range of hobbies. In Tonglu, the most beautiful county town in China, I learned calligraphy by a famous teacher and accidentally became the director of the Tonglu Enterprise Calligraphy Society. I also learned oil paintings from the masters of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts and learned the meticulous paintings and ink paintings from the famous teachers, also becoming the director of the Tonglu Female Painters Association. I don’t want to mention the name of teachers I learned from because I have not achieved any results.

Because my major is Chinese, I often write at free time after work. So far I have written two novels, “My Love”, “Shallow Drunk and Deep Intoxicated”, a script “Halfway Through Spring” and several essays. At the same time, I have participated in a famous national public welfare enterprise management training course “Da Yao Jiu Jian” and served as the squad leader.

It is popular to use slasher refers to young people who no longer meet the “one-of-a-kind” lifestyle and choose a diverse life with multiple occupations and identities. Though have a little girl live in my mind, I don’t think I am young now. But still, I would glad to call myself “slasher”.

A few days ago, Richard said to me: “Mom, I suggest you write a personal struggle history which might be popular among young people on the road to entrepreneurship. ”

I have always believed in what Richard said, and promised him to start writing. It should not be difficult because there are many stories to write about. The key is what is the title? It seems that I have always been arranged by fate and I have never had any arrangements or plans. I just like a dandelion and destiny are like a wind blowing. When I was blown there, I stayed there and danced in the wind. I never struggled, never bother, never complain and work hard on any soil to blooming. This is the origin of the name “Dancing with the Wind”. Where is the start of my road to foreign trade? It should be started in 1992 when I graduated from university.

First episode

My mother is from Shanxi and I grew up in Shanxi. My father was an old revolutionary from Zhejiang Tonglu. When joined the revolution and worked in Yan’an, the revolutionary holy place, he met my mother and established the family.

Every wanderer has a hometown that must be returned. When I was in college, my father and I have three conventions: I was not allowed to fall in love at university as well as find a job in Shanxi, and I must go back to his hometown “Tonglu”.

I have known since childhood that grandpa, uncle, and cousins are all in Tonglu.

So no matter how I toss, my father has no hesitation that let me go back to Zhejiang with him in 1992. At that time, the graduates would be assigned to a certain job. My father was a retired cadre who was allowed to take a child to work in different places. Then, my father asked the uncle who had done a great job in Tonglu to contact me. At that time, my uncle said that Tonglu’s best unit was a foreign trade company. Uncle helped me to get the job.

In August 1992, I first returned to Tonglu, Zhejiang. I only know that I have to work. At that time, I didn’t know what foreign trade was doing. From small to large, I have various ideas, think about my future career, I have thought about teachers, doctors, ticket sellers, journalists, and even scientists, but I have never thought of doing foreign trade because it is completely beyond my knowledge.

I just went to the Tonglu Personnel Bureau and reported that the staff was surprised that a university undergraduate had worked in a small county. They asked me why. I told them that I would stay with my father in my hometown and take care of my parents. At that time, Tonglu did not have many undergraduate graduates. I can work in Hangzhou, but because I graduated from a teacher’s college, I must be a teacher. My father was firmly opposed. He said that he had suffered from his life as a teacher and cannot let his daughter continue to repeat the same mistakes. Finding a good job in a small county was much better than being a teacher in Hangzhou.

On the first day of the report of the foreign trade company, a little girl from the office received me. She was very easy-going. She did a lot of formalities and told me that I didn’t work in a foreign trade company. Instead, I was seconded to the foreign company’s boss YJY. The largest factory in Tonglu, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Zhongda Oasis Garment Factory. I accepted it with pleasure and didn’t think much. Later, I knew that the year-end award of the foreign trade company clerk was very high. I just have such a preparation it is the salary of the enterprise.

On the first day of going to work at the Oasis Garment Factory, I didn’t have any new clothes. My aunt gave me a step skirt and shirt to me. I was so expecting and curious to go to work.

When I arrived at the workplace, I found that the factory was basically completed but was still being decorated. There were no workers, and there were ten people in the factory preparation office. An older factory director of the 50-60-year-old from Hangzhou Zhongda Headquarters, and staff from the administrative department of the Ministry of Technology of Hangzhou. I saw a beautiful round-faced girl named Zhou, who is almost the same age as me. Director Zhang said that She and I will be responsible for the recruitment of factory workers.

I was careful when I went to work on the first day because I didn’t know what to do. I was sitting still in my seat for a long time until I wanted to go to the bathroom. I couldn’t help but go to the factory director to ask him for leave, saying that I want to go to the toilet. He laughed and said that you could go, and this did not require leave. At school, I had always been controlled by the teachers and parents. I didn’t know that I could leave temporarily while I was working.

I have been growing up in Shanxi(North of China), so the language barrier is a big problem. Almost everyone at that time spoke in Tonglu accent, except for the people from the Hangzhou Zhongda headquarters in Hangzhou, and the girls who work together in Tonglu called ZAJ, and another boy who was responsible for purchases and sales, HH, spoke Mandarin. I always made jokes.

I started hiring registration with ZAJ. Many local young people, especially young boys from nearby Nanxiang, signed up. They found a girl who speaks Mandarin as if they saw an alien, and asked me a lot of things. I often didn’t understand it, let the people next to me laugh.

During this period, YJY, the general manager of Tonglu Foreign Trade, came to the factory preparatory office to ask us about the registration. The specific number had not been calculated yet. He was really angry and spoke to me and ZAJ in Tonglu accent. He was tall and very thin and said a lot to us. I said to ZAJ: “Is the manager Yu angry?” She was shocked, “Of course it is angry, you didn’t understand?” I replied: “I didn’t understand even one sentence.”

After ZAJ was reprimanded, she felt aggrieved, but I didn’t feel it at all. At that time, I suddenly thanked myself for not understanding Tonglu accent.

– To be continued –

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